Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Bed!

This week has been crazy!  We went mattress shopping on Monday, Tuesday my mom came up and we had a delicious dinner at Oceanaire and Nate took apart and moved our bed to a guest bedroom, and then today my sweet mom stayed at our place to accept deliveries for the bed and bar! 

Good 'ol Nate was a peach and spent a few hours moving the old bed into the guestroom.  There are so many parts!  The bed looks nice in the guest bedroom and will be better for guests now.  Since we are sleeping in the guest bedroom for now we moved the doggy steps with.  Always catering to the pups!    Again, still so boring and needs to be decorated badly.  Looks better than when it was just a mattress, though!

The master looked crazy not having the bed in there.  And so open!

Then today the bed came - hooray!  It looks perfect in there!  And strangely enough, it takes up LESS room than our queen.  Since our queen had the sloped sleigh bed headboard, it went out much further from the wall!  Score!

Once the mattress is in we can start putting the room back together.  Success!

The bar granite also was installed today.  Just in the nick of time for the Super Bowl on Sunday!  It looks so nice but the glue smell has got to go.  I hope the smell goes away and everything with plumbing/fridge/faucet goes as seamlessly as these things today!

Definitely a successful day at our residence.  Successful enough to end on a funny!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bedroom Switch Up!

Since our new king bed arrives this week, we have a lot of work to do!  We spent a good portion of our evening moving beds around from room to room.  We moved the double bed from our front guest bedroom into my junk room, and moved the mattress we had from the junk room into the hallway to be dealt with later (most likely Craigslist - anyone need a queen mattress?).

We still need to move our current master bed into the front guest bedroom but will most likely wait until the day our new bed will be delivered.  We are waiting to get bedding until we see our new bed in the room, but will have to act fast once it is in because everything we own is queen!  We also need a king mattress for our new bed so hopefully we can get that ordered this week.  Most likely the sheets will be these, as we have them on our current bed and LOVE!  Any duvet/bedding recommendations are welcome!

My junk guest bedroom now with the switched bed is seen below.  The place where scrap-booking, crafts, old t-shirts  etc, go to die...definitely an ASAP project to get this room under control!

Before pictures of the front guest bedroom that used to have the double bed (navy bedding) and will soon have the old master bed below.  Again, needs paint, decor, etc.  We never know how crazy to get in the decor department since someday one of these will hopefully have a bambino and be redecorated, you know?

Here is the sad, current state of another guest bedroom that was not affected by all the movement tonight.  Love the Marimekko bedding but still needs better pillows, stuff on the walls, and to be painted.  With time, I guess!

I really want to make these rooms MUCH cuter - even two of the three - just so I am not so embarrassed when guests come and they are so plain and boring!  Some paint and cool mirrors would help a ton.  It also would be nice to not have our guest bedrooms be random storage do they turn into that so fast?  I'm feeling motivated on these rooms now!

So in addition to the new bed arriving this week, our bar will be finished!  New granite counter tops for the bar are being installed on Wednesday, then Thursday they are doing the final plumbing and touches!  It will be complete and ready for Super Bowl!  What a week!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

FINALLY got my hair did!  So overdue.

My MiH jeans came!  Hooray!  (Awkard buns shot, but good pic to see the jeans)

And in a selfie with pups.

Necessity of life.

Rotisserie chicken obsession is getting out of hand.  Was eating this with my fingers at my desk at work...

Little girls.

Crab legs at Mystic Lake!

My date while Nate's out of town for work!

Getting more serious about picking some wall colors.

Love this Christmas present - book documenting our Key West trip!

My nicely organized pantry already needs some help. :/

Fresh polish change (OPI Meep Meep Meep) and Saturday morning activities - pinning, coffee and puzzles (I get giddy to do the Framework or Fill-In puzzles!!).

Monday, January 21, 2013

New Look!

Last week was crazy!  So much going on with life and work that I didn't get much time to post.  BUT there is some big news over here - a new look to the blog!  Hope it is easier on the eyes than the monstrosity of a template that was previously here.

Another piece of exciting news...we ordered a bed!  The master is going to look very different!  Totally different than the beds I had been pinning and saving, but we are super excited about it.  Nate is in love with tufted beds and I really like them, so this was a great find!  Now Nate's 6'7" self and my 6' self can stretch in a King bed!  Yahoo!  Well, once we get the bed we can.  We decided we are going to wait for it to be in the room until we pick out our bedding.  Probably sticking with grays and maybe a slight punch of purple.  I'm excited to update once the bed arrives!

Let's hope this weather gets much warmer ASAP!  The little girls are freezing their tiny toes in this!  And Nate is gone on a work trip this week (sad face) so I am a single mom to take them out by myself in this.  Fellow Minnesota dog owners - I feel your pain!

Now it is Bachelor time!  Have a great week!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Chimi snuggling her monkey.

Work Pro Shoot was a success!  Me snapping pics per usual.

Fridge for the bar came!  Not in its nook yet.

Girls waking me up.

New master bed obsession.

Nate has been building stools for the bar all day!

Chim came to work!  She gets so sleepy on the job.

Benihana dinner - best place in the world!

Delicious bloody.

My favorite part - choo choo train!

Funny pic from a friend.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Small Updates

Life is really about the little things, don't you think?  We made a few minor changes this week that make me happy!

I have been wanting a little more bathroom storage and knew we needed a cabinet, and we actually ordered this last August.  I have been patiently waiting for Nate to find the time to put it up, or someone else to put it up, and since the bar cabinets went in, they kindly hung it up for us!

As you can see, it is now blocking Nate's pride and joy, the bathroom TV.  I don't use it so it doesn't bother me, but he will eventually have to slide it over.  That is true love!

Having that up makes me want to focus on the bathroom some more.  Picking out tiles is EXHAUSTING to me, though.  I love design so you would think I would love it, however, I suck at picking tile.  Took us forever to pick out and agree on the kitchen backsplash!

I also finally took down the Vikings door decor (sad) and put up the new Valentine's deco mesh wreath!  It is frigid outside so I didn't take a lot of pics but it will do for now.  I am dying to get some topiaries or something to put next to the door.  So bare and empty!

Another funny Pinterest find - caused some giggles. I can SO see Nate doing this someday when we have kids.  Sneaky!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bar Is Up!

I had such a fun weekend!  Brother, sister in law and nephew came into town from Chicago!  We had lots of fun hanging out, hitting the Mall of America, eating the best wild rice soup in the world at Zuppa Cucina, and watching Tyler be his funny self!  Makes me sad when they leave, though.  We will take a Chicago trip to see them soon when nephew #2 arrives!

On Sunday I had some girlfriends over for a mini-party!  Check out my friend Melissa - could she be more gorg???

Then today, we had a big delivery!  Cannot believe it...we have cabinets!  Now it is actually starting to look like a bar!

It fits really well in the space and we love how it is looking so we are relieved. :)

Sprinkles already went a little crazy and wanted to bar-tend.

Also, had a major J Brand score this weekend and found these teal jeans I have been lusting after since I saw this post on Running on Happiness is 2011!  It is SO HARD for me to find pants that fit well because I have a 37" inseam.  My favorite jeans are either MiH (which I have an order shipping as we speak from their sale - fingers crossed they fit!) or J Brand, both which are usually around $200 a pair (but well worth the money for the fit and quality).  So finding these at Nordstrom Rack on clearance is like hitting the tall girl jackpot!  I usually stick to flares (Marrakesh from MiH and Bell Bottoms/Love Story from J Brand) - I feel like they shorten my legs (I know, tall girls have weird problems) and just look the best on me.  They also have a normal to high rise which hides the muffin top!  Also, flares proportion out my large derriere.  Hooray for long pant finds!