Thursday, December 26, 2013

Blog Catch Up and Week(s) In Pictures

And I'm back!  What a whirlwind of a Christmas season!  I feel like I blinked and it was over.  Now I am getting post Christmas depression.  I hope everyone had their most magical holiday yet!

I haven't been totally offline - you might have seen some of these pictures if you follow me on Instagram.

I now am blogging to you on a MacBook Pro courtesy of Natey Pooz!  I am a little slow...I will need lots of time to figure out how to work the pictures (and transfer them over - yikes) and in desperate need of a mouse.  I'm also in desperate need of copy/paste.  Where are you CTRL C and CTRL Z??  But I am so excited to learn!!

Looking extra rough, but who looks good in Christmas pics?

I was super jazzed to wrap presents pretty this year using all of my extra deco mesh wreath supplies.  Wire ribbon is the best!

We had a LOT of travel.  One of our trips was to see some of Nate's family in Iowa.  So fun!

I hosted a neighborhood Christmas cookie exchange for our monthly ladies night!  We had a blast with a hilarious white elephant exchange.  So grateful for these women!

One of my super fashionable neighbors wore the cutest outfit...I asked her if I could take a pic for the blog!

Then I had to try and recreate it! :)  Thanks for the inspiration, Nicole!

Of course I have been terrible at documenting things recently but here is a glimpse of part of the hot chocolate bar from the party...

...and me enjoying one post party.

Chimi wanted some hot chocolate, too.

I have worn lots of Christmas wear this month!

I have also eaten way too many cookies!

My sweet coworker Pam got me an ornament to add to my cupcake tree!

Chimi said she had enough with road trips.  But back to Iowa we went for Christmas with my side of the fam!

My parents surprised us by having their house professionally lit for Christmas!  Looked amazing!

We love our nephews!  Tyler kept us entertained for most of the week.  We just can't get enough of him!

While in Iowa...have to eat a "loose meat" sandwich.  Maid Rites are so yummy!

We had a crab leg night!  (Only picture we got - and its really awkward and awesome).

We slept in the chilly basement so I would usually find the girls snuggled in my suitcase.

Another must have while in Iowa - B Bops!  My favorite burger in the world!  And one of the only times I will consume mayo!

My SIL said she wanted deco mesh wreath supplies and a lesson for her Christmas present.  Tyler said, "I make a wreath!"

My personal favorite. :)

We all went to Christmas Eve service and wore our church best.

Looking back I wish I wore black boots.  Rats.

Our nephews were dapper!

Tyler loved the ornaments!

Christmas was full of presents and fun.  I was so excited to get a Kitchenaid mixer from my parents!  Now someone needs to come over and train me.

Also got the matching ornament!

Blakey got a tunnel that he was obsessed with!  It was so funny!

We had fun watching Tyler, Shannon and my mom play in the snow while staying in the warm house. :)

Sprinkles liked watching, too.

My grandparents also got me amazing gifts - the Marchesa necklace I have been eyeing for YEARS!

And a medium size crock pot and carrying case I can use on my monthly neighborhood ladies nights!  So happy!

Chimi was TOAST on the drive back to Minnesota.

My grandma quilted table runners for all the ladies in our family.  Loving mine!

Merry Christmas to all!

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

We have been in the negatives for temps!  Sprinkles is forced to wear her boots.  Clearly she is not impressed.

Speaking of boots, my coworker and I were wearing our matching boots with crazy socks at work!  Loved it!  (She is in the Halloween socks, I am in Christmas). :)

Hosted a friend Christmas!  Of course have had quite a few gatherings and the only picture I have is when setting up.

This sweater is getting lots of action this holiday season!

One of my favorite fun books with my favorite tree!

Our new obsession to get at Sam's Club - these are amazing!!

My cute earrings arrived!  Note to self - do not step on them ever again.  So much pain.

Made a wreath for a gift!  Deco mesh is my hero.

Sparkles are in full effect!

Loved my gel nail experience...until I decided I wanted to pick them off.  Nails are destroyed!  Back to my trusty regular polish for now.

Happy Friday!

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