Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My entire life up until about 3 years ago I was a massive nail biter!  If I had polish on, I would pick it off within a day, bite any sort of ridge, and was so unhappy with how they looked.  I had acrylic nails once and it was the worst thing ever!  I hated how they looked and would get a strange sharp pain in my nail bed - not ok.  Those lasted about a month.

In college I tried out the Broadway Nails from Target, and wore those all the time for a few years, and this helped me begin to kick the habit.  Then I switched to getting polish changes (not manicures - I can't handle them cutting the cuticle away!  Just push it back!  Plus so inexpensive...) about monthly, and paint them myself in between.  I have been so much happier with my nails!  I keep them pretty darn short and square so I am not tempted to mess with them.  I will never have long, perfect nails, but having them look fresh, unbitten and polished is enough for me!

I am a nerd and bring my own polish because I like to plan ahead what color I want on my nails.  I pin fun polishes that I like and then go on a hunt to try and find.  I feel like it is so hit or miss choosing just looking at a bottle.  A few of my all time (and probably forever) favorite polishes.

OPI Mod About You - almost ALWAYS will have this polish on.  I purchase others but am the happiest with this polish.  It is so thick and opaque and the perfect shade of pink!  I used to wear Essie Fiji but once I discovered this, Fiji got the boot (still gets worn every now and then).

Sinful Colors Easy Going - similar to the above color but a much paler/lighter pink - almost white.

Essie Wicked - this is a fun color for holidays, fall, winter, etc.  I love that it is, again, opaque and paints very smoothly.

Rimmel Burgundy Flirt - super fun, thick Christmas red (shown here with glitter on ring finger).  I LOVE Rimmel brushes - they are more flat and square than other brushes.  Makes it easier to paint when doing it yourself!

OPI Sapphire In The Snow - a perfect dark purple. I first wore this from a random manicure years ago and fell in love with the color.  I ordered one bottle online (from a random salon store - paid like $17 but it was worth it!) and have been keeping it safe because I can't find it for sale anymore!  (No pic yet but have been jonesing to wear this polish - will get one soon!)

Sinful Colors 24/7 - LOVE this color for fun, neon pink nails.  Perfect for summer or vacations (or everyday if you are feeling sassy!).

Granted, I will wear other colors and love switching it up.  Those are some that I always have on hand.

As for toes, I love China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, but am pretty open to those colors.  If I don't love the toe color I don't have to stare at it all day long like I do my finger nails!

I need a better way to store my polish - this is getting too full and heavy and it is hard to see the colors.  I will add it to the list of to-dos!

Happy painting!

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