Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a magical holiday!  We hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas day and had a great time. I had the house all set up for family.

For Christmas Eve dinner, we had take out Mexican.  Feliz Navidad! I love these holiday plates from my mom.  I get so excited to pull them out each year!

The puzzle still isn't finished, but we are getting there!

Christmas day Nate and I opened presents from each other - some of my favorites include new snow boots and a "Merry and Bright" shirt, which is what it says on our Christmas card!  He is so thoughtful. :)

I can already feel the post Christmas depression setting in...I don't want it to end!  Luckily my parents are coming this weekend and then in mid January I have Christmas with my bro/sis in law/nephew!  Let's keep this holiday going as long as we can.  Merry Christmas!

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