Thursday, December 6, 2012

Makeup Love!

I am a believer in makeup.  I think that women should do whatever they individually need to feel better about themselves whether it is a workout, new hairstyle, new outfit, makeup, anything!

Some of my current favorites, and also what I used to create this look are as follows.

I always start with concealer.  The two I love are Revlon Photo Ready for spots, and Rimmel for under eyes, down nose.

Then I put on Loreal True Match with a Sigma brush.  On top of that I use Laura Gellar Balance and Brighten in Medium, also with a Sigma brush.

Next, I use Bobbi Brown bronzer in Medium, then either Nars Orgasm blush or Bobbi Brown Pale Pink blush.  Both are about the same shade and equally amazing!

For brows, I am in love with the Anastasia brow pencil - cannot live without!  Then I use the Brow Duality as a highlighter.

Shadows I often switch around, but always love Bobbi Brown Bone for the entire lid, then in the crease I usually use Nars Galapagos.

Bobbi Brown's eyeliner is another daily favorite in brown and I also use her brush.  Then I use my trusty favorite Loreal Voluminous mascara!  For this day, I put on Ardell Demi Wispies lashes since we were taking pics. 

Hooray for makeup!  Wish I had the time/energy to do this everyday!


  1. I would love to see this content in video/vlog form! Not that there aren't plenty of beauty gurus on youtube, but I like the other content of the blog and think it would all translate well via video!

    Blog format is great too, just one small suggestion: more pictures!

  2. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I hope to get to video at some point - and I desperately need a better camera than my phone! :) A lot of what I do recently with my makeup I learned from MMandLShow on Youtube - check them out! Love those girls!

  3. Sounds great....i didn't know to put the concealer down the nose. Want to try your eye shadows!

  4. I would also like a video-for those of us who are makeup challenged ;) Found you from IGE, keep up the great work.