Thursday, December 13, 2012

Curtain Fail(s)

Our Crate and Barrel curtains came!  Hooray!  We were so excited to hang up set #2 in our house, since set #1 look so nice!  We decided to try a Target curtain rod this time...big mistake.

Night one...the wall anchors in the Target curtain rod are the size of candle sticks and left giant holes in our wall, and didn't even stay in the wall (because they left too much of a gaping hole).

Fail - Night One
So on night two, Nate went out and purchased different wall anchors that didn't create massive holes and hold the brackets in place.  So far so good...get the curtains up...then realize it is about 1/4" too high and we cannot screw on the ends of the rod.  Fail again.  But at least I got to see them up for about 30 seconds.

Fail - Night Two
Now Nate is patching the wall, then hopefully TOMORROW night we can try this again.  Rats.

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