Monday, December 3, 2012

Curtain Excitement!

I can't believe these words are coming out of my mouth (or fingers)...we have curtains!  We have been here since July 2010 and now we have curtains!  Granted, this is only one room, but it's a start!

Let's check out the before...

Cute but definitely unfinished.  Two hours and countless swear words out of Nate's mouth and...tada!

I'm so happy!  I feel like they make the room so much more finished.  One buzz-kill ..after they were up, we realized we were supposed to iron them.  Rats!

I think I am going to see what a week of gravity does, then probably bust out a steamer.  Boo!

Chimi doesn't seem to mind.

Regardless, this is a huge step!  Curtains!  Woo!

We also ordered curtains for the dining room and upstairs loft (AKA cupcake tree land).  Can't wait for them to arrive!

Also in exciting news, our Christmas cards from Lindsey Koch Photography are out!  Merry Christmas for real!

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