Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Explosion Continued

Just wait...there's more!  The tree is definitely the Christmas focus, but I am always looking for nooks and crannies to decorate with Christmas decor.  New this year...whimsical front entry!  The deco mesh obsession traveled outside of wreaths!  But first with the wreath.

I had all my supplies ready...

...and created this gem!

Love the added swirly spray from Michaels.  I purchased quite a few of those...

Next step...the deco mesh!  Natey hung up the garland for me and I went to work!  I started with some shimmery red.

Then I worked in shimmery green, and also more of the swirly spray from Michael's.  The finishing touch was a metal "Merry" sign above the door and metal candy canes (all from Gordman's) in the trees.  Hooray for whimsical Christmas entries!

Here she is at night...isn't she a beaut?

Other touches inside are the shelves around the fireplace, garland, and random wall hangings.

And to all a good night!

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