Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

Santa seems so happy to see me!

Realizing I was dressed extremely festive while shopping.

Crappy holiday polish change that chipped within hours - boo!

New spoon rest and mug looking oh so cute.

New coozie in action.

Little girls laying in the sun.

Cookbook from Nate - Rosa Mexicano recipes!  One of my favorite restaurants.

Another Christmas present from the hubs - cake pop maker!

Per usual, freezing hands at work.

Puzzle is done!  Only one piece went missing (and one was chewed up by an animal but still fits).

Styx concert was amazing!  They are such great performers (Tommy Shaw pictured).

We are headed to the Vikings/Packers game today!  Skol Vikings!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Best Birthday Ever! birthday isn't until April 7, but my mom knows me all too well.  Two ways to my heart are food and Christmas! :)  My parents are in town this weekend and she showed up with early birthday presents: Christmas clearance from my favorite Des Moines store, Wicker and the Works!  We went a few weekends ago (when I saw the elf legs) and I wanted it all!

First up - she got the elf legs!  She said they were the last ones in the store - meant to be!

Next up - a North Pole sign!  It certainly looks like the North Pole in this place so it is very fitting.

She also found this cute tray and spreader.

Last but not least - Rockette reindeer!

This is how my sweet mom saw me when she was my alarm clock growing up for early morning dance team in high school.  It's amazing she still loves me.

Last night we picked up a few clearance items from Target.  I think I am going to use some of these lollipops in the Cupcake Wreath next year.  I guess I was a little premature thinking this would be the last Christmas decor post.

We are going to the Styx concert tonight and I cannot wait!  Such a fun weekend already!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


My entire life up until about 3 years ago I was a massive nail biter!  If I had polish on, I would pick it off within a day, bite any sort of ridge, and was so unhappy with how they looked.  I had acrylic nails once and it was the worst thing ever!  I hated how they looked and would get a strange sharp pain in my nail bed - not ok.  Those lasted about a month.

In college I tried out the Broadway Nails from Target, and wore those all the time for a few years, and this helped me begin to kick the habit.  Then I switched to getting polish changes (not manicures - I can't handle them cutting the cuticle away!  Just push it back!  Plus so inexpensive...) about monthly, and paint them myself in between.  I have been so much happier with my nails!  I keep them pretty darn short and square so I am not tempted to mess with them.  I will never have long, perfect nails, but having them look fresh, unbitten and polished is enough for me!

I am a nerd and bring my own polish because I like to plan ahead what color I want on my nails.  I pin fun polishes that I like and then go on a hunt to try and find.  I feel like it is so hit or miss choosing just looking at a bottle.  A few of my all time (and probably forever) favorite polishes.

OPI Mod About You - almost ALWAYS will have this polish on.  I purchase others but am the happiest with this polish.  It is so thick and opaque and the perfect shade of pink!  I used to wear Essie Fiji but once I discovered this, Fiji got the boot (still gets worn every now and then).

Sinful Colors Easy Going - similar to the above color but a much paler/lighter pink - almost white.

Essie Wicked - this is a fun color for holidays, fall, winter, etc.  I love that it is, again, opaque and paints very smoothly.

Rimmel Burgundy Flirt - super fun, thick Christmas red (shown here with glitter on ring finger).  I LOVE Rimmel brushes - they are more flat and square than other brushes.  Makes it easier to paint when doing it yourself!

OPI Sapphire In The Snow - a perfect dark purple. I first wore this from a random manicure years ago and fell in love with the color.  I ordered one bottle online (from a random salon store - paid like $17 but it was worth it!) and have been keeping it safe because I can't find it for sale anymore!  (No pic yet but have been jonesing to wear this polish - will get one soon!)

Sinful Colors 24/7 - LOVE this color for fun, neon pink nails.  Perfect for summer or vacations (or everyday if you are feeling sassy!).

Granted, I will wear other colors and love switching it up.  Those are some that I always have on hand.

As for toes, I love China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, but am pretty open to those colors.  If I don't love the toe color I don't have to stare at it all day long like I do my finger nails!

I need a better way to store my polish - this is getting too full and heavy and it is hard to see the colors.  I will add it to the list of to-dos!

Happy painting!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a magical holiday!  We hosted Christmas Eve and Christmas day and had a great time. I had the house all set up for family.

For Christmas Eve dinner, we had take out Mexican.  Feliz Navidad! I love these holiday plates from my mom.  I get so excited to pull them out each year!

The puzzle still isn't finished, but we are getting there!

Christmas day Nate and I opened presents from each other - some of my favorites include new snow boots and a "Merry and Bright" shirt, which is what it says on our Christmas card!  He is so thoughtful. :)

I can already feel the post Christmas depression setting in...I don't want it to end!  Luckily my parents are coming this weekend and then in mid January I have Christmas with my bro/sis in law/nephew!  Let's keep this holiday going as long as we can.  Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Final Christmas Decor Post

Saddened to say I am guessing this is the final Christmas decor post.  Well, hopefully not if I find any good clearance items after Christmas.  I just hit up a few Michael's as they have such cute Christmas decor and it is all 60-70% off!  I found some great deals, if I say so myself!

Loved these red and silver snowflakes and am hoping to find more of them for the tree next year.

I also stocked up on their ribbon/deco mesh that was on clearance.  Score!

Another find today was lighted garland so we could wrap our banister!  That was on my list for post Christmas clearance finds, but pre Christmas is even better!  Love the over-sized ornaments with it.

One thing I did not find that I was hoping was the gingerbread mugs I saw on Kandee Johnson's site.  I am going to attempt two more Michael's in the cities in the next few days before giving up.  Probably won't add mustaches like she did, but just love them regardless!

Will you be mine someday?
Love Christmas decorating but can't believe it all comes down in a little over a week! I will enjoy it while I can.  Have a safe and happy holiday!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Inspiration Dressing

Just like how I pack, any special events I try to style by finding an inspiration photo, then creating my own look.  Makes my options seem so much better!  Since it is the most important 3 day stretch of the year (Christmas), I decided it was time!

I had a gift card I won at my work holiday party for Kohl's, and yesterday hit the cute sweater jackpot with these sparkly numbers that were 50% off!  Perfect to spice up my holiday options.  Also purchased this cute dotted scarf on sale for $8.  I heart Kohl's.


The new sweaters will be so fun to wear!  Now onto my inspiration/reality options.  Up first, red!  I wear a lot of red and green this time of year, and about a month ago found this gem at JCP.  I call it my snazzy grandma blouse.  I have already worn it with jeans, but thinking about sparkles...


Michelle from Michelle and El's Kitchen commented on my last post where I said I was struggling with styling my shoes and styled them for me!  What a sweetheart!  Check out her amazing Polyvore, and then my take on that with what was in my closet.  Problem solved!  Thank you, Michelle!


Her ideas also made me remember this cute photo from Glitter Guide I had saved in my files of inspiration.  Works well with one of the new sweaters. 


Reality - maybe...

One outfit that I have been wearing quite often and mixing different scarves is my dotted sweater from Old Navy.  Here is my Christmas version.



As always, I wish I had the time/energy/drive to do this for everyday, but for now it will have to work for special occasions.  I enjoy doing this when I have the time!  We will see what actually gets worn, but now I have a few options!  

Sidebar - I SUCK with moving pics around in Blogger.  Ugh.  Sorry for it looking like an elementary craft project.  I will learn...