Monday, October 22, 2012

Pantry Makeover!

Our pantry could not have been more of a hot mess.  Cans stacked four deep, hidden stale chips, spices in every nook and cranny...we said enough is enough!  I was inspired by quite a few posts on Pinterest, these two being the biggest motivators:  Domestic Imperfection and Hi Sugar Plum.

Let's take a look at the before...OMG.  No wonder I could never figure out what to eat!

I decided enough was enough!  I put aside my big plans for Saturday of coffee and trashy reading and ran to Target to get my supplies!

Out came the goods...

The most important item on my list was the 3 tier shelves.  Cans were taking over my life (that's what she said) and I needed a change!  I can't believe how much these helped!!

Then, I purchased some baskets.  They are these, but we bought them individually.  Love that when I need something salty, I can pull out one basket and see my options!  Or if I am in the mood to bake, take a look in the basket!

I LOVE labeling, and always have, so when I saw these chalkboard labels, the clouds parted and angels sang!  Plus they are so inexpensive, and the shop owner is SO nice (at least through messaging, which counts, right)!  I've already ordered more - my chalk labeling opportunities are endless!

Then we went to The Container Store.  I never wanted to leave!  It is a BAD place to go if you are in an organizing mood.  Everything seemed like a need!  One of my finds - a container to hold your opened spaghetti - genius.  I lived without this how?

I wanted an over the door unit to put spices and other small items, but Nate can't handle over the door items.  He is certain it will destroy the door.  So we also got the little wire organizers that Domestic Imperfection referenced, but in multiple sizes.  I love me some spices, especially alphabetized and organized spices!

I think the pantry will always be a work in progress, but man it feels good to get this far!  Hooray for an organized pantry!

Sidebar - how true is this?? It's working!

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