Sunday, October 28, 2012


This has been the season of the craft!  It started with those damn deco mesh wreaths on Pinterest, and my friends and I can't stop!  A few weekends ago, we had our second Craft Night, but this time we did it during the day!  These days are SO fun to see what everyone brings to work on, eat yummy food, and have a reason to get together to catch up while also being productive!

For this craft day, I brought another wreath to work on, but this time for Christmas.  I was second guessing everything I was doing with this wreath for some reason - thank goodness for patient friends!  I think it turned out alright, still need to maybe add some touches to it.  But I guess it isn't even Halloween yet...
Next, I wanted to make the adorable yarn trees I had pinned, and they were so easy and fun!  One of my Christmas plans is to get a smaller white tree and put all my cupcake ornaments and anything in those colors on it, and these would be perfect next to that tree, since my main tree is a mishmash of Christmas fun.  Success!
Then, this past weekend was my families annual craft weekend, where we go to my parent's lake house with my grandma, aunts, cousin, and extended family for some girl time and craft fun!  Most of my aunts and mom knit on this weekend.  My aunt owns a knitting shop in Iowa and is amazingly talented at knitting!  We also watch some movies - loved seeing my grandma chuckle at the opening scene in Magic Mike!

This was the first year my cousin Molly and I decided we were going to actually craft on craft weekend  so we had to make a stop at Hobby Lobby.  I'm OBSESSED with Hobby Lobby!  How can they not have this in the Twin Cities?  They truly had 20 aisles of Christmas crap - my favorite stuff in the world!  I wanted to buy it all, but of course, need to not go crazy since there are many a house project I need to save for!

Sidebar - does it bug anyone else they hand type in the prices?  Holy errors I am sure!  How can you not scan this day in age?  My only beef with Hobby Lobby.

Here was our cart after a good hour of browsing.  Found some Christmas treasures and we also decided on our craft.

Our craft was....Christmas balls!  We purchased cheap different sized balls, glue guns (mine purple, Molly's zebra/turquoise), glitter spray, and these bags of decorative balls.  We said balls so many times and it never got old.
We loved it!  Probably could have purchased pre-made ornaments for much cheaper, but then we would have been craft-less on craft weekend.
So cute!
Next year we will have to get up even earlier and get more crafts on our Hobby Lobby run!

Last but not least, I have been giggling at this for two days.  Can't stop!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Master Bedroom

One of our first big projects we did at our house was the bedroom makeover!  Nate made a deal with me when we were furniture hunting.  He wanted these very WHITE kitchen chairs, which look gorgeous, but I was just imagining every food dying them another color.

I wanted something a little more stain friendly, but then got smart.  What if he got the chairs he wanted and gave me full decorating power for the master bedroom?  Miraculously, he agreed, and I went to town!

I already knew my color scheme - grey and purple. Pre-Pinterest (how did we survive without it??) I came across this photo and it was my inspiration.

I knew I wanted a bold yet warm shade of purple for the walls, and was searching for the perfect hue.  I came across this post and fell in love with the Sherwin Williams Kimono on the walls.  Up it went!

I also absolutely knew I wanted accent wallpaper on one wall - another reason I knew this deal had to be made!  NO chance would Nate let me wallpaper in our brand new house without this deal!  We spent quite a bit of time wallpaper hunting (which is actually really hard!  Most are still old grandma wallpaper - that stuff still sells??).  Finally we found the perfect paper at Lowe's, and up that went!  We loved the result!  I think Nate even likes it, though slow to admit it.


These pictures were taken when we did this project in June 2011.  Here is a more current state of the bedroom.  Yes, I know my cell phone pics suck.  

We bought our furniture when we bought our house, and I thought I would love this bed.  Turns out, I still respect it and it does the job, but my pillow gets stuck in the crevice between the headboard and mattress, and it is also a queen size bed.  I am pushing 6' and Nate is 6'7" so we really could use a king size bed (understatement of the year).  Plus, then this bed could be for guests!

I have been browsing for bed inspiration and REALLY wanted a canopy bed, but we have a ceiling fan in the middle of our master and that wouldn't work so well.  Now I am taking it one step down to a 4 poster bed, and lusting after those.  

A couple favorites:

I think this last one is my favorite at the moment.  Alas, we do not have the funds for a new bed right now, but maybe someday!  

Also on the list are curtains, lights for my vanity and a vanity chair/stool.  The never ending list.

The Master Bath also came with my deal, and my wheels have been spinning!  I am willing to be a little more collaborative with Nate on this room, however. More to come!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Pantry Makeover!

Our pantry could not have been more of a hot mess.  Cans stacked four deep, hidden stale chips, spices in every nook and cranny...we said enough is enough!  I was inspired by quite a few posts on Pinterest, these two being the biggest motivators:  Domestic Imperfection and Hi Sugar Plum.

Let's take a look at the before...OMG.  No wonder I could never figure out what to eat!

I decided enough was enough!  I put aside my big plans for Saturday of coffee and trashy reading and ran to Target to get my supplies!

Out came the goods...

The most important item on my list was the 3 tier shelves.  Cans were taking over my life (that's what she said) and I needed a change!  I can't believe how much these helped!!

Then, I purchased some baskets.  They are these, but we bought them individually.  Love that when I need something salty, I can pull out one basket and see my options!  Or if I am in the mood to bake, take a look in the basket!

I LOVE labeling, and always have, so when I saw these chalkboard labels, the clouds parted and angels sang!  Plus they are so inexpensive, and the shop owner is SO nice (at least through messaging, which counts, right)!  I've already ordered more - my chalk labeling opportunities are endless!

Then we went to The Container Store.  I never wanted to leave!  It is a BAD place to go if you are in an organizing mood.  Everything seemed like a need!  One of my finds - a container to hold your opened spaghetti - genius.  I lived without this how?

I wanted an over the door unit to put spices and other small items, but Nate can't handle over the door items.  He is certain it will destroy the door.  So we also got the little wire organizers that Domestic Imperfection referenced, but in multiple sizes.  I love me some spices, especially alphabetized and organized spices!

I think the pantry will always be a work in progress, but man it feels good to get this far!  Hooray for an organized pantry!

Sidebar - how true is this?? It's working!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Minnetonka Orchard!

I LOVE THE FALL!  The colors, the slightly cooler air, and the APPLES!  We went to Minnetonka Orchards with one of my besties, her hubs, and their adorable son for our second annual orchard visit!  First we got some cider and apple brats, then did our usual orchard activities.

We love the hay-rack ride that takes you to different parts of the orchard,

and just hanging out enjoying the nice Fall day!

This picture cracks me up! 

Can't wait to go again next year!

Afterwards, I was craving soup so I had to stop at Zuppa Cucina for the best wild rice soup in the world!  Not exaggerating! It's so good it deserves to be photographed.

Then we supported our favorite candidate (this isn't really our sign but I wish it was).
Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Is Here!

As with all holidays, I take Halloween very seriously!  I do take the fun/whimsical approach over the scary/pee my pants approach.  One of our newest and most needed (in my opinion) purchases was our sideboard from Ikea to match our massive mirror we have had for years from Ikea.  Basically the entire reason I wanted it was for holiday decor, so it could not have come at a more perfect time!

New Sideboard!  Pre Decor

As Nate was putting it together, I ran to Pier 1 to get the table runner I had been eyeing but had no where to put, and was so excited to use it on our new sideboard!

I get home and open up the table runner, and it is too short!  I thought my table runner dreams were ruined forever.  Then, I got smart and realized I work at a costume shop!  Our amazing owner let me have some sparkly green leftover fabric, and Maria, one of the sweetest sewers fixed my table runner for me!  Problem solved!

Witch hats from Michaels, and pups wondering what I am doing

Next item on the Halloween decor agenda - front porch.  A few of my friends and I had craft night, and I had been also eyeing deco mesh wreaths all over Pinterest and Etsy.  I could not even fathom spending $180 on a mesh wreath that goes up for one month a year (however, if I won the lottery I would buy 10) so I figured it was time to get crafty.  I found a great video on YouTube explaining how to do this, ordered my supplies, and began!

Acacia working on her wreath
Katie with my finished wreath!
I thought our front porch was already cute with our monogram, but it had to get the boot this month for my wreath!
Door with monogram
Door with wreath!

Now, time to start planning my Christmas table runner and wreath...hmmm....