Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dog Park Fun!

We were super excited that our neighborhood just opened a dog park!  The little girls have been such good big sisters and definitely deserved a morning of fun!  We have had the best Fall weather but I know it is changing fast, which made it even more imperative to get outside!

Chimi can be a little scared of big dogs so she hitched a ride in the stroller in the beginning. :)

So funny!

We met up with our neighbor friends Nicole, Andy and Cora (but of course starting taking pics after they left) but it was super cute to see our pups play together!  

There is a really nice trail in the big dog side of the dog park that we walked around a couple times.  Nate likes pushing the stroller (proud Dad). :)

Then we let the little girls run!  Nate and Chimi ran back and forth for quite a while!  Sprinkles frolicked a little but mostly stayed by me. 

They were exhausted when we got home!

We love Fall!

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Marquee Lights

My newest minor major obsession is marquee lights!  I know you have seen these already in our kitchen and nursery and I decided to attempt to make some on my own!

Check out my spooky shadow!

But first let's look at the nice looking marquee lights. :)  Love love love the R in our kitchen that Nate got for our anniversary this year!  Like I posted about our porch, I was super obsessed with getting an R for outside like this photo (from Vintage Marquee Lights).

We don't keep it outside, but it looks amazing in our kitchen!  It's not super sturdy right now so we will have to hang it once Bradley starts walking around but works here for now. :)

Once I found and fell in love with this nursery I knew Bradley's nursery had to have a marquee light. We thought about following their tutorial on making one, then got smart and ordered from this shop on Etsy instead.  They were able to do a custom color in orange for us to match the nursery closet!  Perfect!  

Lindsey Koch Photography

I kept seeing super cute DIY marquee lights on Pinterest and thought it would be a really good idea to make some holiday ones because they look so simple on this post!  I picked up all the supplies at my beloved Hobby Lobby.

I would agree that the actual steps are simple, but it took me a good month to finish because you cannot do all the steps right in a row.  Paint one side, let dry.  Paint other side, let dry.  Wait for hubs to handle drill...still waiting...

Finally finished!!

One step I skipped was to twist tie the cords down on the back so you can't see the from the front (evidence below).  I definitely will do this at some point, but probably next year.  It sounds like too much work right now. :)

It was fun to make and try out, however I probably won't do it again. :)


Standard Instagram shot. :)

My new goal is to have a marquee light in every room of the house!  Just kidding, kind of. :)  But something tells me this isn't the last our house will see of these fun lights!

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Maternity Must Haves

I feel like it was eight years ago that I was pregnant, not eight weeks!  I had started a post with my favorite maternity items while I was pregnant and it somehow was deleted into blog land, so it took a while to re-gather my thoughts on all things necessary while pregs.

I will start with my clothing necessities.  I like to photograph (and sometimes Instagram) outfits that when I like how they come together, because I have the world's worst memory.  It also works great for blogging! :)

I tried to wear my non-maternity clothes as long as possible, but when I was bursting out of my jeans my sweet mom took me to Motherhood Maternity and got me a pair of maternity jeans!  I basically wore those suckers everyday straight for a few months!  My inseam is 35" minimum, 37" preferred, so I couldn't get just any maternity jeans.  I tried on a few pairs and we both loved these Hudson ones.  Done!  Thank you Mom!  Since jeans long enough for me are always ridiculously expensive, I didn't get any others my whole pregnancy.  Well, I ordered one pair for $20 off eBay and those helped for about a month but I outgrew them pretty fast.  So these ones saved me!

I have mentioned before how my "uniform" is almost always a cardi or top layer, big necklace, and a tank under, and that didn't change while pregnant!  My new favorite tanks are the Liz Lange ones from Target.  I have in black, white, coral, turquoise, grey, striped...and multiples of some of the colors!  They are amazingly long and don't have the built in ruching for big bellies, they just stretch nicely.  I am still wearing these 8 weeks post partum and plan on wearing them forever!  I wear them with nice outfits and also just casually around the home.  They are super soft and just great tanks.

My mom also got me a few Motherhood Maternity tanks that I am obsessed with (and still wear).  They are even LONGER than the Liz Lange tanks and crazy soft.  I will keep wearing these post partum, too!

Since I was pregs basically the entire summer, almost all I wore during those months were dresses!  The days I would wear jeans in the summer (which were very limited) I would sweat my a$$ off at work.  So I kept that to about once a week once it was hot out.  Dresses are awesome because they can look so different by putting a different jacket or cardigan over, different jewelry, shoes, etc.  

I loved this Target Liz Lange dress because it fit super cute and was striped!  Confession - I purchased in medium and large so I could wear my entire pregnancy...and I did!  And I also own in black...obsessed.

I picked up two Old Navy maternity dresses (grey and army green) that fit similarly to the Target dresses I loved.  They were perfect to add to the dress rotation!

All of my maxi dresses came from Alloy.  This site is a tall girl's dream!  Almost everything they sell comes in extended lengths and are super affordable.  They also email discount codes daily so most of these dresses were under $20!!  They aren't maternity but stretch well, and I can wear all of them post partum!  Score!  My favorite styles are:

Sarah (black, coral, blue stripe, coral stripe, blue tie-dye), 

Alejandra (black, teal and blue), 

Audrey (chevron),

and Jayne (black, lavender).

I have one maxi skirt that I didn't wear super often, but was a nice variety.

I also tried to get creative with non-maternity items, like pulling this skirt up over the bump and adding a belt to create shape.

Underneath all of these dresses I almost always wore my favorite Belevation shorts!  They worked out so well to smooth any lines and also wick away sweat.  Definitely a maternity must have!

Comfy clothes were even more important!  Most of my sweats still worked and were nice and stretchy, and if I wanted to run errands I would just throw on a jean jacket or some top and pretend it was an outfit. :)  (These sweats are also from Alloy).

As for non clothing items, the Bump Nest is at the top of the list!  I had pretty bad back pain throughout my pregnancy so this was a must have and worth the cost!  Nate also has hip pain so he loved (and still loves) stealing it!

Just to keep it real, obviously these are a must have. :)

And OF COURSE a supportive hubs and snuggly pets are must haves!  

Lindsey Koch Photography

Clearly there are many others, but these are the ones that are top of mind.  What could you not live without while pregs?

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Family Weekend

I'm super sad because my family just left from a fun filled weekend!

Laura Rae Photography
My mom came on Wednesday to help get the house ready and to help with Bradley, then my SIL, brother and nephews flew in Friday and my dad picked them up.  Everyone was so excited to meet Baby Bradley!

Well, Tyler wasn't as excited because he was too sleepy. :)

Bradley was excited to see Papa!

The cousins all together!

Saturday morning everyone got ready bright and early for a photo shoot at the sculpture garden! 

We can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!  We loved the sneak peek the photographer posted (the first picture at the top of the post!)

It was a perfect morning but a little chilly, so we kept our jackets on for the pics.

Saturday afternoon we hit up Sever's Corn Maze (also the pumpkin patch!).

Tyler and Shannon loved the corn bin.  I stayed clear! :)

Grandma hopped in, too!

Tyler also went down the big slide!

Lots of fun!

Bradley wore his Boo buns but didn't get out at the maze. :)

I knew I wanted to try Bradley's first bottle this weekend since my SIL knows all about babies.  He turned 7 weeks old this weekend and I go back to work at 12 weeks, so the clock is ticking!  He took it like a champ!  We tried the Como Tomo bottle first and he took it no problem, but kept pushing the nipple down with his tongue.

We tried the Joovy Boob and that one was perfect!  He drank his 1 ounce super fast so then I had to feed.  At least we know he will take a bottle!

More morning mayhem with cousins.

Sunday the boys went to the Vikings game and the girls and little boys went to the Mall of America! Only pic we got...

We had such a great weekend and wish it could have been longer!  Next time we will see everyone is Thanksgiving so we will look forward to that now. :)

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