Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Carmen and Jolie's Minnie Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

The twins are 2! What a wild, impossible, loving, amazing two years it has been! The girls are growing so much and it is SO fun watching their personalities grow.

Carmen (the middle child) or Carmy/Marmy is a big, burly sweetheart. She is off the charts for growth and is even more Minnie/Mickey obsessed than Jolie. She sleeps well, naps well, adapts to new situations well...I always say if she was an only child she would be SO easy. :) She loves dancing and doing her funny run as we chant "Carmy run! Carmy run! Run, run run!" She also adores Moana, suckers, petting her dogs while saying "niiiiice", and staring at the TV if it is on.

Jolie (the little sis) or Jojo, Jo-Gee, Ge-Jo, Joj, is the snuggliest stage 5 clinger you will ever meet. She is my buddy always by my side. She also is the most emotional toddler there ever was. She loves big and cries big! She would be hard even not as a twin. :) Jojo is a Baby Shark fanatic, and I will find her singing it to herself often. She loves to give Carmy giant endless bear hugs and wake Bradley up. Our current favorite is telling her to do "Boss Baby" and watch her make a grumpy look. :)

So let's chat about the party! We had to do a Minnie themed party since they are obsessed with all things Minnie. They loved seeing Minnie everywhere! It was a cheap party to decorate since we already owned some Minnie items.

I always get everything done that I can the night before and this was a fun one with a Minnie theme!

I did one of these boards at their first birthday - let's see if I can keep this up each year so their graduation party is easy! :)

Kid snacks and coloring stations.

Always have to have lots of food options! We had it at an awkward brunch time to celebrate before nap so we had a Mickey waffle bar for people who wanted breakfast...

...and a hot diggity dog bar for people who wanted lunch. Or for anyone who wanted both like me!

More kid snacks.

I had a cake pre-ordered but the day before Hy-Vee canceled on me - Amazon cupcake toppers delivered overnight for the win!

So much fun with family and friends celebrating our girls!

Jolie is also obsessed with Facetiming Grandma, who she has renamed "Pika". We think it's because Pika always plays "peekaboo" with them? Regardless, it is hilarious and we love Grandma's new nickname!

Jojo making her Chimi underbite. :)

Bradley had fun with lots of buddies!

Tula was the guest of honor!

Why oh why do we even bother with a family pic.

Party pooped!

The girls opened gifts the next day and Papa freehand drew these Disney pics! I have them saved to hang in my office.

We also had to celebrate at Rainforest Cafe! Brother fell asleep on the way.

Carmen was mind blown!

Bradley loves this place, too!

After a while we wanted them to sit still so out came the phones. What can you do.

Nate was on a business trip so Auntie Amy and Grandma came! We don't go anywhere without 1:1 coverage. :)

Happy birthday sweet girls!

Sooooo devastated to leave!

The girls got Moana shirts from us for their bday! We love these two TWO year olds so much!

See ya real soon!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Twins Nursery 2.0

I never thought when I was decorating the twin's nursery at our previous house that I would be doing it again! We really thought that was our forever home so it was so strange starting over with the kid's rooms.

Since I already had all of the decor for their room, it was easy to do, other than the arrangement. I have had the twin's room arranged in every possible way the room could be arranged I think! It is harder than it looks to figure out where to have two cribs.

When we moved here, I thought I would have the cribs on each side of the window coming out of the wall. Well, it turns out one side of the wall is bigger than the other (the J side) so it isn't symmetrical and pretty like I thought it would be. I did have their cribs pushed up against the walls under each of these letters for quite a few months however.

Once we finally figured out some wall decals, it made much more sense to have the cribs come out from this wall. And I am loving it! We still need to move the artwork around, but I might just wait a year or so until we have their toddler beds and know the appropriate height to hang them.

The girls are loving being so close to each other! I had to make sure their cribs are far enough away so they can't grab each other. :)

Straight across from the cribs is the dresser that has never moved because it is anchored to the wall. This was the only piece I knew exactly where it had to go (and stay!).

To the left of the dresser we have the book nook now. We love holding them together and reading them book after book before nap and bedtime!

Usually looks like this with books on the floor. :)

Someday I want this little table between their beds but for now I have it in the corner to block the outlet for their monitor. And Chimi thinks this is her little private bed. :)

I store tiny toys up here - they probably are ok with them now but they look cute so I will leave them.

Their room is open to their bathroom/closet that is a Jack and Jill style into Bradley's room.

I haven't done anything to their bathroom yet. I have leftover cloud decals from their old room so we might put them up in here, or it might stay undecorated forever. :) We have lots of projects!

Their closet is the same purple as their dresser like in the old house. Another project for someday is to figure out a better closet system since it is such a small space.

They share the tub with Bradley but I had to get this fun mermaid shower curtain.

And these fun Ariel pics! Someday Bradley will have his own suite with his own bathroom and it can be mermaid free. :) He loves it right now!

Another room done! It feels so good to check a room off my list!

Sweet dreams!

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