Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Twins Nursery 2.0

I never thought when I was decorating the twin's nursery at our previous house that I would be doing it again! We really thought that was our forever home so it was so strange starting over with the kid's rooms.

Since I already had all of the decor for their room, it was easy to do, other than the arrangement. I have had the twin's room arranged in every possible way the room could be arranged I think! It is harder than it looks to figure out where to have two cribs.

When we moved here, I thought I would have the cribs on each side of the window coming out of the wall. Well, it turns out one side of the wall is bigger than the other (the J side) so it isn't symmetrical and pretty like I thought it would be. I did have their cribs pushed up against the walls under each of these letters for quite a few months however.

Once we finally figured out some wall decals, it made much more sense to have the cribs come out from this wall. And I am loving it! We still need to move the artwork around, but I might just wait a year or so until we have their toddler beds and know the appropriate height to hang them.

The girls are loving being so close to each other! I had to make sure their cribs are far enough away so they can't grab each other. :)

Straight across from the cribs is the dresser that has never moved because it is anchored to the wall. This was the only piece I knew exactly where it had to go (and stay!).

To the left of the dresser we have the book nook now. We love holding them together and reading them book after book before nap and bedtime!

Usually looks like this with books on the floor. :)

Someday I want this little table between their beds but for now I have it in the corner to block the outlet for their monitor. And Chimi thinks this is her little private bed. :)

I store tiny toys up here - they probably are ok with them now but they look cute so I will leave them.

Their room is open to their bathroom/closet that is a Jack and Jill style into Bradley's room.

I haven't done anything to their bathroom yet. I have leftover cloud decals from their old room so we might put them up in here, or it might stay undecorated forever. :) We have lots of projects!

Their closet is the same purple as their dresser like in the old house. Another project for someday is to figure out a better closet system since it is such a small space.

They share the tub with Bradley but I had to get this fun mermaid shower curtain.

And these fun Ariel pics! Someday Bradley will have his own suite with his own bathroom and it can be mermaid free. :) He loves it right now!

Another room done! It feels so good to check a room off my list!

Sweet dreams!

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Wintry Valentine's Front Porch

When Christmas is over I get super sad to take down the decor, but also antsy to get it put away. I usually take it down on December 26th but this year took it down on New Year's Eve after we had our celebration with friends (and kids!) while watching the ball drop.

We cleaned the house up and I have very little Valentine's decor, but I do have a cute mat and sign for the front porch! I feel like red houses are made for holiday decor. I think it matches every holiday except for my pastel Easter decor!

I got these pillow covers from Amazon (and inserts from Walmart) and they have been the best buy for the front porch! I used the black and white for Halloween, added the red check for Christmas, and now leaving it for Valentine's. I just love it! 

Also new this year for the door is layering doormats. I know I am late to the trend, but I really like how it looks. Such a fun touch to add the extra print. 

The snow definitely makes it look very wintry! Perfect cozy Valentine's door!

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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Holidays 2018

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas/holiday! Here are some of our highlights from the holiday season.

We saw Santa! And he was awful! We always go the night before Thanksgiving because there are zero crowds or lines. This Santa couldn't wait for the picture to be taken and us to leave...and there was no line. So we won't be going there next year. We did check it off our list however!

Bradley never budged all season from saying he wanted the talking Chewbacca.

Reminds me of one of my favorite memes.

I remembered to get out my snacks for our delivery workers early this year!

I started tame with my holiday nails.

Thanksgiving was great! We hosted Nate's side of the family, Jojo was a "chicken nugget" according to Bradley. :)

I got my fill of gravy.

And Nate taught Bradley the finer things in life.

Little turkeys! Best age!!

Bradley, his Auntie Amy and I went and saw the Grinch. Seriously so cute. I loved the new version. It wasn't trying to be the old version but kept the whimsy which I love, and had such fun music. 

So we had to get Grinch pancakes at IHOP the next day. :)

This breakfast was a good reminder why we don't go out to eat with the babies. :)

Auntie Amy is the best!

He also had his annual preschool Christmas movie day.

So happy to be with friends!

Me too!

Grandma arrived!

And then their preschool Christmas concert.

Loves his teachers so much. :)

So glad Bradley is learning all of our traditions.

Just being his normal self.

I wore Christmas jammies as my clothes all season long. :)

My sweet senior girls.

Lots of cozy time with the kiddos!

No pics from my former neighborhood cookie exchange but I wore a super sweet outfit. :)

Jojo being her normal self.

We got an instant pot (not "insta" I learned) on major Christmas sales and I never use it. Hoping to learn and actually use!

Then it was Christmas week! Celebration #1 was with Nate's dad and sister.

Cutest couches from their Auntie and dolls from their grandpa.

Bradley was so excited to get some dinosaurs!

The couches are used daily in the play room!

Then Papa and Grandma arrived!

Papa helped Nate get his new shuffleboard (that literally ways 400 pounds) all set up.

Got some very important Ritz peanut butter cookies made that I am still eating.

Papa and Grandma gift time.

We had pretty good weather over Christmas!

Then it was Christmas Eve! Carmen had a major stomach bug two nights before Christmas Eve, then Jojo had it bad the next night, so some of Nate's family didn't come on Christmas Eve. But we still had a mini crew and it was great!

Ran into buddies in the loud kids room. :)

Then we left food for the reindeer, 

cookies for Santa, 

and read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Ready for Santa!

Christmas morning chaos! The girls instantly fought over the shopping cart.

Jojo usually won.

Excited about new animals.

Opening up the star of Christmas.

Carmen loves him even more than Bradley.

Sprinkles was unimpressed with her lookalike.

My dad was jealous of Nate's people of Walmart coloring book.

Nate got me a chalkboard so we could work on the mudroom!

Added a couple things since.

More Christmas moments.

Last family pic attempt.

New Year's Eve we had some buddies over and went to bed early!

The Christmas season went so fast like always! Hope everyone's was magical!

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