Sunday, May 17, 2015

Front Porch Love

Something that I always am drawn to is a cute front porch.  I love seeing how people decorate their porches as a nice welcome to their guests!  I have tons of wreaths I have made over the years for our porch and pretty much have most seasons covered (except summer after the 4th of July - need to do something fun for that!).  You might have seen on Instagram how I somehow became a doormat collector and didn't mean to, I just love fun doormats to add to the front porch decor!

Our porch is ready for Memorial Day!

Newest doormat. :)

Here it was earlier this week - it's amazing how much a little bit of flowers help!

 Saturday morning we hit up Lowe's to get some flowers.  Bradley loved looking at all the plants!

Then he liked helping dad get them all set.

PS - I never do anything with this side of the porch because of the wind/weather.  So much wasted potential!  If we ever fence this part of the porch I will start decorating away.  Would love a little bench and throw pillows (insert crying emoji).  :)

 The little girls helped, too.

We went to my favorite flower shop today!  I'm REALLY hoping to get one of these lights to hang from our front porch.  I fell in love with these from far away!

I don't have a daughter but this made me giggle. :)

Here are some of my favorite front porches we have had.  Each year I do minor tweaks from the previous but they usually stay pretty similar.  

Valentine's Day this year.

Easter last year.

Last year's patriotic porch.

I love a great fall front porch.  So many good things to decorate with!  This year I want to get some hay bales. :) 

Halloween before I had my Halloween wreath.

Probably my favorite of the wreaths I have made - witch legs! :)

Last year's got out of control and I loved every bit of it. :)

With adorable trick or treaters!!

Christmas is my absolute favorite front porch of course. :)  I need to either fix up this wreath or start new.  It hasn't lasted well with the elements!

We even took our Christmas card photos sitting at our front porch in 2013!  (Photos by Lindsey Koch Photography).

Got one with my girl Sprinkles. :)

Anyone else love cute front porches as much as me? :)

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Anniversary and Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day Weekend!  We kicked off the weekend celebrating our anniversary!  Bradley and I got all dressed up to meet Daddy for dinner.

 It is so fun bringing him out places now!  We just have to make sure we have lots of puffs and toys!

 Then we went to the lake to meet up with my parents!  We always dress very patriotic for the lake.

 So happy to see Papa!

Also happy to get some breakfast!

 The boat hasn't been delivered yet but we enjoyed being outside regardless.  The little girls did, too.

Every time we get to the lake, Papa has a new toy for Bradley!  This weekend this little table appeared, and Bradley was obsessed.

 We always eat well at the lake - how delicious and adorable is this sugar cookie bar?!

Then it was time to swim! :)

Bradley loves baths and his swim lessons, so he definitely loved splashing around in the kiddie pool!

 And how great is this mom suit??  (from Albion Fit).

Bradley wanted my beverage!  Or maybe just the flamingo.

We gave him his favorite teether instead.  

 Bradley does NOT love wearing sunglasses. :)

I got them on...

He grabbed the side...

...and off they came!

Dad got them on him when they were lounging. :)

A safer spot for my beverages. :)

Bradley loves hanging with Papa.

My parents recently added on to the lake house for all of the grandkids!  How cute is this bunk room?

On Mother's Day we drove back, ran some errands, then Bradley and I took a super long nap.  My kind of day. :)

 He was dressed for the occasion as always. :)

I hope all you mamas had a great Mother's Day!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

April Fun!

April is always such a fun month!  I turned 32 on April 7 so Bradley and I celebrated with an Instagram selfie! :)  Sprinkles celebrated by photo bombing.

Then I went into work and discovered all of this amazingness by my coworkers!  They know me well. :)

Work appropriate cards. :)

Birthday cupcakes at work from Made by Michelle!

We always go to Benihana (world's greatest restaurant) with my bestie's fam!  Please tell me everyone has signed up for the free $30 birthday meal coupon for Benihana?!  Bradley was a little rambunctious...

Mickey fried rice!!

Future mini besties.

Nate picked up some Cocoa and Fig cupcakes!

I wanted this raincoat for my birthday but the dots weren't placed very well for the price, so back it went.  Might have helped if I didn't have my jammies paired with it. :)

April is also Vikings auditions which are my second favorite time of year!  (Christmas is #1, duh).

Bradley loved coming to practice. :)

Grey nails - new favorite.

Then we went to Iowa for the weekend!  It felt good to put on shorts with the nice weather!

We got to see my amazing grandparents!  Bradley was excited.

We also had Nate's family reunion!  Bradley got the cutest presents, including his new Sperry's! :)

He liked his new Vikings shirt more than he is showing. :)

The little girls stayed with their Uncle Bear.

I met up for coffee with one of my favorite people ever - cousin Molly!

Brunch with the fam was next!

How most pictures actually turn out. :)

Bradley LOVES his Tickle Monster book from Megan and Ryan!!  Thank you!

Bradley and I have been absolutely LOVING the weather!  I recently went to four days a week at work and it has helped so much to get some QT with the little man.  We love our day off!

Hope everyone had an amazing month!

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