Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Patriotic Front Porch

I absolutely love decorating for holidays to give a festive ambiance, and since I love cute front porches, they are a prefect place to decorate!

We finally got some plants for our pots, and pushed them to the front of the porch instead of right by the door for a different look. So far we are liking it! And hopefully it will keep the bugs back, too! They keep setting off our video doorbell sensor All. Night. Long. 

Anyhoo...I have had it on my to-do list for about three years to make a patriotic pallet, and finally did it! My talented friend Nicole is a crafter/DIYer extraordinaire, so she helped me (like she uses saws - so impressed. Ha!).

We turned this pallet...

...into this!

So fun! I am not totally sure where to put it, so for now it is just hanging out on our front porch. :) 

 I love porches at night, too!

In other 4th of July news, you might have already seen on Instagram, but my work had a patriotic BBQ this week so we had dress up! :)

Too fun seeing what everyone decided to wear! :)

We also had some party favors - necessary.

This crazy dude hopes everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Spring Fashion!

Spring is here! Whenever there is a change of season I get inspired to actually try with my outfits. And since I am trying, I make sure to photograph cute ones so I remember them when I am NOT inspired and need an outfit! Many of these pieces are older, but I love seeing people's outfits and using them as inspiration to create my own with similar pieces I already have!

I'm starting to get better about posting outfits I like on Instagram! I know so many of us are moms who don't have time so hopefully some of them inspire you if you are in a rut like I was!

So let's begin! I had a good friend's baby shower to go to and it was a beautiful spring day! I knew I wanted to wear a skirt or dress, and all of my dresses are pretty wrinkly from being jammed in my closet. So I grabbed this skirt, looked for a pop of color and found! Perfect!

Top: Limited, Skirt: Limited, Jacket: Target. Necklace: Stella & Dot

I am already addicted to Stitch Fix clothing and my closet is starting to fill up with those pieces! I know it isn't for everyone, but if you are great at giving feedback and keeping your Pinterest up to date you should have some success! I wear comfy sweaters year round, and I love that this style is all season. I can't wait to wear it with jean shorts at the lake!

Sweater: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Alloy Apparel

I have posted this outfit before, but I just love the combination so much! I will wear this tank and jeans and basically any fun necklace to spice it up. You can even see the combo from our trip to Key West in 2012!

Tank: Limited, Jeans: MiH, Cardigan: H&M

Here it is in more old pics! So glad I saved. :)

Can you tell I like stripes? :) I just love classic stripes so much, and think you can never have enough! This blazer is super old, but I love it because it is softer than a cardigan and not structured! This pic was on my birthday before meeting Dada for dinner where Bradley lost his mind. :/

Blazer: Von Maur, Tank: Target, Jeans: Hudson on eBay!

Nate got me this shirt I had been eyeing forever! Hooray! I love old school rock. :)

Top and jeans: Evereve

Another oldie but goodie! This top is crazy old and every now and then I discover it in my closet and have to wear! I normally am not into studs, but for some reason I like it with this pattern. And as with any outfit, I always have the bottom layer the Liz Lange Maternity tanks! Nope, not pregnant! They are just my absolute favorite tanks!

Top: Macy's, Jeans: Alloy

We are starting to plan our next Disney trip, so I got excited and had to wear this outfit! :) I love dressing up tees with blazers, statement necklaces and a smile! :)

Blazer: Von Maur, Tshirt: Target Men's :)

Another great Disney shirt! You can never have too many!

Top: Happily Ever Tees, Jeans: McGuire

One of my new favorite pieces is this cargo vest!  Vests are perfect in the spring because they add a little bit of warmth, but not too much that you are sweating! I have big plans for this sucker - wear over tees, sweaters, dresses, so much!

Vest: Target, Shirt: Old Navy, Jeans: Stitch Fix

We just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary! I always wear this amazing necklace made by one of my dear friends (and former boss!) on our anniversary since I wore it at our wedding! Then I make sure to pair it with a fun bright color, so this top was perfect! 

Top and Jeans: Stitch Fix

This pic was taken by one of my work friends and I just love it! I feel like it fits me well - everyone else with delicious alcoholic drinks and me with my water and weird clothes. :)

Since stripes are an absolute staple in my wardrobe, this striped knit from Stitch Fix was a no-brainer! I have been eyeing this top for quite a while and so glad I own it now! I have already worn once or twice. Ok maybe seven times. :)

Top: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Hudson

Spring jackets are some of my FAVORITE pieces! I have quite a few, and this newest addition has been worn every day since I got it! Obsessed! Cargo jackets are just the best - I usually find some goldfish and a pacifier in here when I put it on. :) 

Jacket: Stitch Fix, Jeans: Alloy Apparel

What pieces are you loving for spring? I'm debating if I need white jeans for summer or if that is just a disaster waiting to happen with a toddler! (Or with my clumsy self). :) 

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

18 Month Pictures!

Pictures are my most prized non-living things! I love getting all milestone ages documented, and since Bradley was a year and a half, we had to get some pics! I really wanted some in his room so it would be like his 6 month photos a year ago. So fun to have and see his growth! Thank you Laura for pictures we will love forever!

Photos by Laura Rae Photography.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Twin Cities Toddler Fun!

Attention local Mamas!  Where do you take your crazy toddlers to get the sillies out? When Bradley became more of an active toddler this fall I had no idea where to go that he could run and be his crazy self!  Here are some cute places that we have found, but I would love to hear some of your favorites! We gotta wear those kiddos out! :)
I know it goes without saying, but we love the zoo! The membership is so cheap considering how many times we have gone, and we love that we can just pop in and if he is having a meltdown leave without worrying about losing money.

Checking out farm babies on opening day!

A few times this winter we went to the zoo to just let him run in the indoor Tropics Trail! He loved seeing the animals but pretty sure he loved running free more! :)

We have only been to Good Times Park a few times because it is pretty far from us, but it is SO worth the drive! Bradley is obsessed with the gym at this place!

First time we went when he just started walking! So cute!

Another awesome favorite has been Tot Time at Savage Sports Center. We haven't gone as much as I would like because we have music class during this time right now, but so fun! It basically is just an open field and they blow up all the bounce houses, put out all the balls, etc. Bradley loves it!

I still get pretty nervous with him in here with other kids...if big kids get in, I drag Bradley out! :)

Mall play areas can be fun, too! Sometimes there are way too big of kids playing and we will have to leave, but if you go during a non-busy time you should be ok. I do worry about all the germs because I'm sure these playgrounds are rarely cleaned, but he just loves it so much! And like my dad always says, there is research that being sick often as a kid can help prevent scary diseases as an adult!

Everyone knows that music is SO important for their developing brains (well, for everyone!) and we have loved taking music class! We took class at Kindermusik for a long time, but recently found a class closer to us to go to. Such a special bonding time, too!

A few places we haven't tried but have heard of - the Arboretum is supposedly free the third Thursday of every month after 4:30, Play and Learn Cafe in Minnetonka is supposedly awesome, the Children's Museum is free the third Sunday of the month, and the Mall of America theaters play toddler movies every Saturday at 10am (we have a while before Bradley will sit through a movie...). We also are super excited about the Crayola Experience opening at the MOA soon!

So spill it! Where do you love taking your toddler in the Twin Cities?

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