Monday, November 24, 2014

Post Partum Work Dressing

Now that I am back to work, I have to dress like a normal human being.  Rats.  It is much more fun to dress Bradley in cute outfits than myself now!

Since this work outfit post is still one of my most popular posts, I figured I should do another!  I don't always use inspiration pictures (usually find on Pinterest) for creating outfits, but when I am in a slump, it helps so much!  I also don't buy new things very often (unless I find a gem at Target or something cheap) so using these inspiration photos makes me get creative with what I already own, and also reminds me of some things that might be collecting dust in our closet!  Also, since I have only been wearing sweatpants and t-shirts for the last 12 weeks I definitely needed to use inspiration pictures to get my brain working again on how to create an outfit.

Sorry that my pictures are always super awkward and the inspiration pics are amazing but you will get over it. :)

One issue I have is not all my pants/jeans fit anymore.  Rats again.  So that does limit my jean wearing abilities but I would rather work around this issue than work out.  Priorities.  Because of this, I have two new pair of jeans (both from The Buckle - I know, right?!) so I wanted to style around them.  They are the trouser and super flare styles.  I decided to go semi professional on Monday and whip out the black blazer and paired with the new trouser style jeans.

Blazer: So old I can't remember; T-shirt: Target Liz Lange maternity (I mean...they are my favorite!); Necklace: JCP; Jeans: Flying Monkey (Buckle)

Tuesday I wanted to be warm since we have all been freezing our a$$es off in Minnesota!  I saw this picture from merricksart on Instagram in my feed, and fell in love!  Sometimes I consider this plaid scarf a Christmas neutral and pretend it goes with everything.  At least pattern mixing is embraced now!

Shirt: Old Navy; Scarf: Target; Jeans: Alloy; Boots: Heartbreaker

Chimi prefers my after work attire. :)

Wednesday's inspiration picture might not make any sense, but sometimes I just like silhouettes and use those as inspiration.  I wore the new Super Flare jeans and loved!  So comfy and still cute.

Blazer: Von Maur; Tshirt: Target Liz Lange Maternity (again); Jeans: Flying Monkey 

Thursday I was off so my mom and I wore our comfies on our errands!  Then Friday I was back to work.  I love wearing coral and red with these teal J Brand jeans (example here - remember Fashion Friday?  Well, we both got busy.  Oops.) and you might recognize this outfit from here.  I also added a cream scarf but it isn't photographed.

Top: Forever 21; Jeans: J Brand

But let's be favorite "outfit" this week was when my Zulily jammies arrived!!  Never taking this off!!  

I'm hoping putting a little more thought into this first week of work outfits will get my brain working again on what to wear!  I have tons of inspiration photos saved and will be ready to whip out if I need to get more ideas!

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Back to Work

I was absolutely heartbroken knowing that I had to go back to work this week and was SO nervous to be away from my little man!

I received the sweetest private Instagram message from my cousin's wife who is a minister in Illinois.  They were in Rome on sabbatical and she knew I was struggling with my maternity leave ending and this note and prayers really comforted me!

Then Monday morning rolled around and I was fighting tears.  As I was packing up my car, Chimi was sitting and looking at me like "where are you going?" and I just broke down.  Ugh!  Wasn't even saying goodbye to Bradley that got me!  On the drive to work I attempted to compose myself.  It helped seeing this rainbow as I was driving down the street (and apparently a sun dog, which I know nothing about).

Once I got to work I walked to my desk and my sweet coworkers had put up pictures of Bradley, had flowers and my favorite snacks!  SO SWEET!!  So once I saw their thoughtfulness, I really lost it.  Oh well.  They all know I wear my emotions on my sleeve and can be a hot mess.  

Then I passed out these cute little elf bags my mom found (filled with candy) to all the girls with a tear stained face. :)

But the day went so fast and before I knew it, it was time to go home!  Monday was also Sprinkles 7th birthday!  Such a pretty girl!

It really was a good week to come back.  Next week is short because of Thanksgiving, and we had a work pot luck which is always delicious (and leads to me eating pickle dip for breakfast at my desk).

My boss also let me take Thursday off so I didn't go back to five straight days, so we bundled Bradley up and spent part of the day with my mom running errands (and lots of snuggles).

Food court lunch of the year feeding him in his stroller??  (Insert guilt face emoji)

So low and behold, like everyone gets easier.  My coworkers have been ridiculously welcoming and understanding (plus lots are moms, too, which helps!!) and are truly friends of mine so it is so nice to see them.  I know if I didn't love my job and coworkers so much this week would have gone MUCH differently.  And my mom is watching him this week and next so we didn't have to start daycare right away which is amazing!  I went home every day over lunch to feed him and cuddle.  Now I just need to figure out how to smuggle Bradley in to work with me and I will be just fine! :)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Family Pictures

We received our pictures back from our family weekend last month and love!  Pictures have always been treasured in our family so it is super important for us to document at different stages in life, and more than just with our cell phones!  I'm so happy we did these when everyone was in town.

How cute are my parents?

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week In Pictures

Recent happenings through the eyes of my phone camera.

My mom and Aunt working on Bradley's stocking!  I can't wait to visit my Aunt's (and cousin's) store when we are in Des Moines!

We just wrapped up our New Mama class.  Such an amazing class for any new moms!  These 6 weeks were SO helpful for me to learn things about Bradley (and myself!), discuss all things baby with other new moms, and even just getting out of the house!  It was a bittersweet last class.

These are Bradley's friends (Bradley is in green stripes).

The mamas and babies!

Never enough tummy time!

Chimi's usual expression when Bradley cries. :)

Target feeding!  Target should just have a big lactation room since it's filled with moms!

Christmas jammies time!!  Hooray!!

Warm and cozy in his bear outfit!

More Christmas jammies!

Love this mini man.

No more Halloween decor on the built ins!  Giving them a few week rest but soon to be covered in Christmas!

Vikings game day!

OBSESSED with Freddy's Steakburgers.  Like want it everyday obsessed.

Bradley enjoyed an exciting morning of voting and Target.

Chimi likes sitting on the pillow when Bradley is eating.

Cute corner of his nursery.  Maybe someday he will sleep in here!  Hopefully not anytime soon!

Sushi and Chimi are almost besties now!!  I have caught them playing together and then this!!

2014 Cupcake Tree has begun!

Chim loves warm clothes out of the dryer!

Yes he does!

Relaxing in his Mamaroo.

I wish I could sit and snuggle forever.

Best socks ever!

Soon to be my new best friend.  Rats.


Chimi encountered a problem...Sprinkles in the bed she claims!

Problem solved!

Happy Saturday!  Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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