Thursday, November 16, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017 will definitely be memorable but we are sure glad it is over! The twins had their endoscopies/flexible sigmoidoscopies on Halloween, which is also the one year anniversary of us finding out we were having twins!

We did have some fun days leading up to Halloween luckily. Like Bradley's preschool Halloween party! 

His sisters wore their Halloween best.

Sidebar - the morning of the party I thought it would be fun to stop at Starbucks and get Bradley his first kid's hot chocolate - so cute until he spilled it all over his clothes and we had to race home and change him before school.

Our neighborhood has a fun Halloween party that a few of my friends put together - they are so amazing and generous to do this for all of the kids (and parents!). Bradley LOVED decorating (and eating) his sugar cookie. 

And posing with Dada!

When they got back they carved our pumpkins!

Both sets of girls and I watched. I don't like pumpkin guts. :)

In the beginning of October I had orange and black nails...

...and then for Halloween I went multi colored!

Bradley with his sisters! Anytime he is around them we are close - moments like this are cute but make us nervous. Ha!

Final sidebar - we no longer have little kid potties in our house. I was feeding one of the twins and Bradley ran off to "oof", then ran back and said Sprinkles was eating a "snack". Ummm....that was NOT what I wanted to clean up off of the floors and all over Sprinkles paws, mouth, beard, body... So long story short the mini potties are gone! :)

Banished to the tub while I cleaned up the mess
Then it was Halloween and time to find out what is going on with the girls. I haven't really said anything on my blog, but if you follow on Instagram you know it has been a LONG five and a half months for us trying to figure out the girl's issues. 

Their little room was so sweet.

The procedures were quick and went ok. Not fun (like Jojo having oxygen issues...) but over. They were super sad and fussy the rest of the day so Grandma and I handed out candy and hung with the twins while Nate and Bradley trick or treated.

How Carmen feels about this day.

The results came back clear which was great, but basically means the girls have just had the world's worst case of colic. Ugh! But we are super thankful we haven't found any major issue. Other than we haven't slept in over half a year. Ha.

We hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now let's deck the halls!

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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Halloween Ready!

I've been saying I'm going to do it for years and I finally did it! I redid the deco mesh on my Halloween front porch garland!

If you know me or have been following along on here or Instagram very long, then you know my love for deco mesh. I think I love it because it is a fool proof craft and doesn't have to be perfect. I don't have the patience for perfection (in any area of life, haha) so it makes me so happy! I have a little history of some of my favorite front porches here that shows a bunch of my deco mesh wreaths I have made. That post is old and I have had some others that I like more since then!

When I first did the porch garland in 2014 I had lime mesh and it looked like this: (full post here). 

We stored it in a big bucket so each year that I pulled it out and put it up the mesh got more and more destroyed looking. I pulled it out this year and was trying to fluff and make it look acceptable and decided NOPE! I will take an hour and redo this bad boy! Decorating is my absolute stress reliever and hobby so it is worth my precious time! :)

I ripped off the lime mesh and was ready to go!

I put the purple mesh on first. It isn't as opaque and bold as the lime so it definitely needed another layer.

So I added the Halloween stripe and it helped a ton!

Then I added in the pumpkins and witch hats (hard to see the hats).

Finally the pumpkin light strands and she is ready!!

I loved the lime door for its brightness and whimsy, but this does feel even more Halloween-y with the darker colors.

I always love seeing it at night!

Inside I have my beloved Starbucks Halloween house, 

and usual sideboard that Bradley redecorates daily. I also have some stuff out on the built ins but it isn't pretty enough for a pic. Ha!

This wasn't for Halloween but how cute are the twins as little Helga Vikings fans??

And they are loving their Halloween jammies. :)

See my last post for the girl's adorable Halloween costumes. :)

The girls have endoscopies scheduled on Halloween so we probably will shut down our house for trick or treaters at like 7pm. Bummer, but what can you do. We disabled our doorbell when the girls were born so it shouldn't be a problem!

Are you ready for Halloween?

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fun October Weekend

How is October halfway over already? We had a great weekend with my parents here. Having extra hands to hold babies and help out is amazing and so appreciated! I even got to get pictures of the girls in their Halloween costumes for their 5 month pictures! :)

On Instagram I wrote "Someday my prince will come" but then had to follow up with "or not - it's cool to be an independent woman!" :)

Jojo loved being Cinderella. I hope these still fit them in January for our Disney trip!

Our first stop on our weekend of fun was the orchard! Papa, Nate and Bradley picked apples while Grandma, the twins and I ate food. :) 

Bradley was kind of scared, then kind of obsessed with this bear. :)

Then he had to come back for an apple donut.

Carmen thought Papa was hilarious! 

And we got a family pic!


Then we stopped at Minnesota's Largest Candy Store where Bradley had to scream at the top of his lungs over everything in there...

The girls were festive for the day! 

And moving so much - twin pics are almost impossible now!

Jojo :)

We made caramel apples - kind of. Didn't have sticks so we did what we could. :)

Bradley was happy about the chocolate!

All that is left on my fall "bucket list" is to carve pumpkins...then I'm ready to bring out the Christmas decor! :) 

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